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(a) Madhya Kshetriya Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj : Jabalpur
(b) Baj Khedawal Samaj, Bhopal
(c) Chattisgarh Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj, Raipur
(d) Gujarati Baj Khedawal Brahman Samaj, Bhopal
(e) Gujarati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh
(f) Gujrati Baj Khedawal Brahman Samaj, Harda
(g) Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj, Sagar
(h) Gujrati Sewa Sadan, Bhilai
(i) Shri Baj Khedawal Mandal, Jabalpur
(j) Shri Baj Khedawal Samaj, Satna
(k) Shri Baj Khedawal Samaj, Hatta
(l) Shri Baj Khedawal Samaj, Nagpur
(m) Uttar kshetra Baj Khedawal Gujrati Samaj, Varanasi
(n) Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Damoh
Vidya Pracharini Sabha, Damoh
(o) Shri Baj Khedawal Samaj Bangaluru




Madhya Kshetriya Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj, Jabalpur

1. Gujrat Earth-quake Relief Work The Madhya Kshetriya Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj not only worked for the upliftment of the Khedawal community, but did service for the common people as well. The relief work done in Gujrat after the earth quake iis an example. For the is the members of the community donated money . A team comprising of Shri Akshay Dhyani, Shri Avinash Dave, Shri Sudhir Pandya and Shri Anil Dave went to "Viramgoan" a place near Ahmedabad in Gujrat, helped the needy people there. With the donations received from members of Madhya Pradesh, they arranged construction of six Nos of rooms made from Tin sheets for six families and handed over it to them. Arranged utensils for cooking food, Milk Powder, Soaps & detergents, for the needy. This delegation also arranged bed sheets, fruits, medicines in the city hospital of Ahmedabad. To enable the daily workers like carpenter, Tailor etc. to start earning their livelihood, sewing machine, and other equipments were provided. The delegation also visited to the families of the Khedawal Samaj who had suffered physically. Shri Niranjan Bhai Pandya and his family helped this delegation on the above work.


2. Help to physically handicapped: For the service of poor and needy people of the community, the Samaj with the help of "Samanvay Sewa Trust" distributed artificial limbs and tri-cycle. Shri Akshay Dhyani donated Rupees twenty thousand for this noble work. The founder of the "Samanvay Sewa trust" Shankaracharya Pujya Satyanad Giri ji appreciated this work.


Shri Baj Khedawal Mandal, Jabalpur

Forthcoming Events :

1.Yoga Camp : An eight Yoga camp is being orgainsed at the Samaj Bhawan in Sangam Colony, Jabalpur. The duration of the camp shall be from 16th November to 23rd November 2006 daily frpm 6.30 am to 8.00 am. Shri R P Shrivastava, Senior Yogacharya, of Maharashtra Vyam Shala shall be taking the classes. First three days shall included "Pawan-Mukta Asan-1", "Pawan-Mukta Asan-2", Dhyan and shantipath. Fourth to Sixth day shall include "Pranayam", Asans related to Diabetese, Constipation. Last two days shall be devoted to for other specific deceases. All the members are requested to please participate in the camp. Members may please bring a Dari or blanket.

Past Events :

1. Deepawali-Nav Varsh Milan :- The Deepawali and the Nav Varsh Milan programme was organised on 29th Novermber 2006 at Gopal Sadan, Baldeobagh, Jabalpur. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Smt. Sushila Singh, Mayor, Jabalpur. The Special Guest on the occasion was Shri Yogendra Nath Trivedi. Two members of the community namely Shri Akshay Dhayani and Shri Gopal Krishna Mehta were felicitated on this occasion. Education prozes were distributed to Meritorious students of the community. Children of the comnuity presented a colourful cultural programe, which included dances etc. The programme was followed by the fellowship dinner, which was attend by more that an 500 members.

Deepawali Nav-Varsh Milan 29th October 2006 at Gopal Sadan

Chief Guest Smt Sushila Singh, Mayor addressing the gathering


Special Guest Shri Yogendra Nath Trivedi addressing the members Members enjoying the Deepawali Milan dinner at Gopal Sadan

2. Sharad Purnima :- Sharad Purnima was celebrated on 6th October 2006 at the Samaj Bhawan. Members participated in "Garba Ras and Dandiya". An interesting Musical Chair race was organised for the senior citizens who are above 60 years. This was enjoyed by all the members present there, specially by those grandsons who's "Dada" and Nana's" had participated


Baj Khedawal Samaj, Bhopal : The Bhopal Samaj felicitated Senior members of Bhopal in 2005. The following are the photographs taken on the occasion
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