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Our Other Baj Khedawal Samaj : [DAMOH]

Gujrati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh

History of Gujrati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh
Executive Committee
List of Member Families 

History of Gujrati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh

 The Gujrati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh was established 34 year &  was registered in 1972. Mandal Damoh has its own building. Mandal has inspired and played a major role in organizing Madhya Kshetriya Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj Jabalpur and have revived Baj Khedawal Vidya Pracharni Sabha.

  The activities of the Mandal-

The Mandal is running Nursery School. The Mandal has organised food preservation, Bakery/painting/Chitrakala training classes for Mandal families.

Sharad Garbotsav Shami Pooja, Dashara Milan, Sharad Purnima, Diwali Milan, Haldi-Kumkum, Holi Milan, Ramnavmi, Guri Parwa, Ganesh Chaturdashi, National days are celebrated collectively. Social gathering, Cultural programme Fancy dress, Debate, Lectures, Rangoli, Arti Thali decoration, Mehandi etc competitions are organised every year for Mandal families. Sports are also organised. Prizes are distributed to the winners. Scholarship and prizes to the student are also given every year. Teachers and adult member of the Samaj are honored. The Mandal also help in marriages of poor family members and has helped in two Girls marriages. Mandal has helped one family for Kidney Transplantation, Earthquake victims, flood victims etc.  Vastit patrak of Gujrati Khedawal Damoh families has been  prepared.  Nav-yuvak Mandal and Mahila Mandal are Organising all the above activities.

  The meetings of working committee and General body are held regularly every month and when necessary. The election of working committee are held at every two years . The present working committee members are J.S. Mehta President, Smt. Sudha Thakar Vice President, K.K. Mehta Secretary, Smt. Anubha Mehta Pandya Treasurer, Rajesh Shukla Joint Secretary, Bharat Dave Secretary (programme).

  Late Babulal Dave and Savitri Dave donated a Bhawan, which is useful in Organising the programmes of the Mandal.  Shakuntala Thakar in memory of her sister late Kamla Thakar donated Rs. One Lakh Sixty Thousand. Late Ramesh Dhagat and his brother donated Rs.37000/ in memory of their father and mother.  Smt Kamla Pandya donated Rs.30,000/ In memory of her Late Husband Gauri Shanker Pandya.  Rs.25000/-  were donated by Santosh Dhagat and brothers in memory of their father & mother, for construction of Mandal building.  Shri A.R. Thakar has constructed boundary wall of Rs.30000.00 in memory of father late Shri U.S. Thakar.   Other members of Samaj and members Gujrati Khedawal Mandal Damoh also donated for the construction of the building. Mandal is very much thankful to each of them for their financial help guidance and suggestion in function of the Mandal.

 Some work of Mandal building still remains to be completed, for which financial help is needed. Member of Samaj may help in completing the remaining work of th ebuilding. Donation may be sent by cheque/ draft or cash in favour of Gujrati Khedawal Mandal Damoh.

  J.S. Mehta,  President, Gujrati Khedawal Mandal,  Damoh

Gujrati Khedawal Mandal, Damoh

Estd:1972                                                                                                     Regn No.


Address : 

Executive Committee 

(Executive Committee formed on 21 - 09 - 2008 )








Dr.Santosh Dave
07812-221071     C-7, Vijay Nagar, Killai Naka     
 Damoh (MP)


Shri Virendra Dave 07812-    Damoh (MP)
 07812 -   
  Naya Bazar No-1 Damoh (MP)                    
 Shri Ashish   


 Sarva Shri,Ajit Dave,Narayan Shanker Pandya,Anil Dhagat, Saurabh Selot,Rajesh Shukala,Shirish Selot Vivek Joshi,Dhara Dhagat,Smt.Nivedita Selot,and Smt. Harsha Shukala.

                                           List of Member Families



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