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More than hundred years ago, few Khedawals from Gujrat shifted into Centre region of India. These few are now more than four thousands who have spread into different parts of India & even in western World, who are giving maximum impulse in every walk of life. Where ever they live, they become very popular, gave full co-operation in every field, and tries to achieve their goal very successfully, without forgetting the initial and original traditions of Gujrat.

Before 1990 there were so many local Gujrati Khedawal societies for managing Religious, cultural, and social work of the community at Sagar, Damoh, Hatta, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Bhilai & Varanasi. But there was no coordination and tuning amongst the different bodies. They were actually localized for the upliftment of the people, of that area only.

In June 1990 at Damoh and in November 1990 at Jabalpur, all the representatives of different places and some responsible & senior persons of the society firmly decided to form a central body of Gujrati Khedawals. They prepared a constitution after a long discussion, and ultimately they applied for the registration of the body to the firms & societies of Govt. of M.P.(Registration No. of Gujrati Baj Khedawal Samaj is 25433 dated 25.9.1991. The first inaugural meeting of M.K.G.B.K.S was held on 29 Dec.1991 at Bhopal in which the office bears of this society were nominated unanimously. Jabalpur was given the privilege of being the H.Q and its office in society office at Sangam Colony, Jabalpur.

"As per the constitution, this body main interest and function for Gujrati Khedawal people is to enlighten them in Social, Educational, Cultural & different fields of life by taking co-operation with the local bodies of different towns. We got co-operation and were benefited. As per our constitution, any person of this community, who so ever he may be, can become the life Member of M.K.G.B.K.S by paying 1000/- and 1500/- for Husband & Wife jointly ( a recent modification). To date, more than 345 are life members of this society. The society is able to function only due to getting the contributions from different families, life membership, a contribution from local bodies, & magazines membership which enables the M.K.G.B.K.S to allot the prizes and scholarship to the deserving youths of the community. Every year the account is audited as per rules & regulations of the registration by a Chartered Accountant.

So many meetings of M.K.G.B.K.S, are conducted at different places of MP in which full co-operation is given by their local office bears and local persons. It is resolved that after every two years, an election will be conducted to elect the office bearers 

Few Objects:- 

1. Utility of the Magazine:- First "Baj Khedawal Pratibimb" Quarterly Magazine was published in Aug 1993. It was decided to publish in March, June, September & December every year. In this magazine, mostly the topics are about the working of local bodies, Birth, Death, Congratulations, Marriages, Youth achievements, Awards, Introductions about talented youth, employment legal advice, health, traditions in the society, etc. In this news Magazine already the life history of 60 persons of community is published who are no more with us, Horoscope of 700 boys & girls are also included in different issues. The magazine is doing its best for upliftment and awareness in all age groups of the community. For life members of MKGBKS, the magazine subscription is free. Those who want to subscribe to the magazine only, shall have to pay Rs 300/- for life long. 

2. Co-ordination amongst different local bodies:- Every local Mandal is conducting the regular meetings and the report is published in the magazine, making members aware of the progress in every field. 

3. New Units:- In the beginning only Jabalpur, Sagar, Damoh, Hatta, Bhopal, Bhilai units were functioning. Thereafter Gwalior, Bilaspur, Indore, Korba, Nagpur, Satna & Raipur Mandal independently started functioning under the banner of MKGBKS. 

4. Family tree work was also taken in hands & is in progress. 

5. In 1998, a telephone directory was published containing the names, addresses, and contact numbers of the community people, which proved to be very useful.

6. Life history of some persons who have passed away was also introduced and their history was published in quarterly Magazine. 

7. Local bodies of different centers are giving Honour to Senior Citizens of the community. 

8. Horoscope of the youths is being published in the magazine, which has proved to be helpful to the parents. Marriage conference in 2002 and 2004 at Jabalpur has given the awareness amongst the society people. 

9. Achievements of children in different level of examination is awarded magazine plays an important role. 

10. Distribution of Gujrati Learning Books to the people of the community and advised to give the literature in the magazine in our mother language Gujarati. 

11. Coordination process amongst the different Gujrati Society was also taken in hands and the Gujrati Khedawal Society of Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and around Narmada river belt were joint to gather using arranging the meetings. The result was very much fruitful as they all attended the first marriage conference held at Jabalpur on 17-18 Nov 2002. 

12. Traditional work for the society people were also arranged. “Yagnopaveet” work at Satna was also arranged by the local body. 

13. All the local bodies of the society were asked to make the society for Youth & ladies and proper representation in the different fields & working committees. 

14. Guidelines about job opportunities were also given by publishing the required material in the magazine. 

15. Library Books containing the matter regarding the life history of late people and aware the community in every field of life were also kept. 

16. Blood donation Camps, Tree plantations, illiteracy, and other National level program were also taken into hands. 

17. Some specific work is done by M.K.G.B.K society. 

A. Gujrat was hit by an Earthquake on 26.01.2001. A delegation was sent to Gujrat to help the persons of affected area 1.25 lack Rs and another useful material was distributed to the people of affected areas by the co-ordination and co-operation of local NGO's and Government officers of the state. House construction, Utensils, clothes, Sewing machines & tools were also made available to those persons of the area. 

B. At Jabalpur tricycle, Medical help for disabled persons and Kidney transplantation work were also achieved by financial help to the victims. 

C. Dictionary regarding the medical practitioners was also published some of the Doctors declare to give free help for the community people. 

D. In 1998, "Madhya Kshetra Shiksha Samitee" was framed which started giving the scholarship to the meritorious and the needy students of the society. Fund was established by taking donations from the society members.  


In the last, society and office bearers have to do a lot for the community and to achieve the goals. The efforts made by the office bearers are to be appreciated & we will achieve the goal in near future simply by unity. 

By: Late Prabha Shanker Dhagat, Damoh Published in “Samanvay” 2002

      Translated in English by Dr. Naveen Dhagat, Jabalpur