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Shri Ganga Dutta Maheshwar Dave

Gangadutta Maheshwar Dave was the first person of Khedawal Brahman Samaj to come from Kheda district of Gujarat around 1727 AD & settle at Panna(MP) at an young age of 20yr.s.He along with his maternal uncle are renowned for locating Diamond mine at Panna during Maharaja Chatrapal's regime(1673 to1731AD) through the blessings of 'Prananathji'- the founder of Pranami Panth.That discovery led him to dig & sell diamonds & thereby become rich. He could later establish close relationship with Maharaja & the next heir. To strengthen relation,Daveji had presented a diamond-studded crown to Jugal Kishorji of Maharaja family & also to the temple of 'Prananathji'. ........

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Shri Prasanna Kumar Dave

When Shri Prasannabhai Kanunashankar Dave was appointed as Delhi's Lt. Governor, the Times of India (dated 3.5.1992) stated that in Mr.Dave, Delhi gets a Lt. Governor who brings a varied experience of life to the job............

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Smt. Kusum Mehta

She was born in Shri Shankarnath Pandya’s home, resident of Old M.P. on 8.7.1915. She lost her father when she was only 6 months old. Her mother Smt. Jamuna Bai Pandya brought up and educated her daughter with great difficulties. She was educated in Banaras and Wardha .......

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Shri Dinesh Dhagat

Born in 1939 in Hata (M.P.), in his maternal grandfather’s house, Dinesh was the fifth child of Shri Gulabshankar and Smt Jamniben Dhagat. His grandfather, Shri Lakshmi Shankar Dhagat was a famous barrister and a wealthy land-owner of Damoh, and it is in this small town of central Madhya Pradesh that Dinesh was raised .............

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